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Klaus Meine turns 62 today

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 by

Happy Birthday Klaus from scorpsnews and all of North America!!! We can’t wait to see you and the rest of the boys this summer.

3 Responses to “Klaus Meine turns 62 today”

  1. ia says:

    happy birthday KLAUS! I wish you of good luck and a lot of pleasure. You the best in the world. I cannot live without your music. Every day I listen to you and each time when I hear your voice i am happy. I do not wish to believe that it is your latest album, long live KLAUS, love you very much!

  2. Shery Vicary says:

    Happy Birthday hon….You are the best rock singer in the world and I love everyone…U guys got together!!! I met you in little Erie, PA about 8 yrs ago and I took my nephew to his first concert in Syracuse, NY about 3 wks later and we had front row there too. He was playing ur music on his guitar! I was looking at ur “history” online…am I wrong to think the Scorps was formed in 1969? Ha, I have my Scorpion tattoo after I got divorced 9 yrs ago…when he said I couldn’t. I met u guys right after that!! I’ll show ya tha pic if ya want!!! Cuz I LOVE the SCORPS, and I also like the Scorpion…glows in the dark and the female kills the male after sex!!!!!!!….SWEET!!!!

  3. D. G. Carrington says:

    Happy Birthday , Allo to the very first down to earth band. I really wish I could have met you and more importantly my son. I had taken my son and one of best friends to see you when all of you were touring with DEEP PURPLE, and our never to be forgotten Ronnie James Dio. And of course he was the openner and as how in the world a guy like that can put out such power was totaly mind boggling. I wish it wasn’t true, but at the same time there’s nothing wrong with the fourty years that have inspiried so many around this great earth to have finally been given the time to sit back and just think of all the many people the band and your music have so deeply touched in some way. The ” SCORPIONS ” will always be ROCKIN’ in my head and my heart !! Enjoy your long awaited HOLIDAY !! And there will never be ” NO ONE LIKE YOU ” to ever take the bands place !!! P.S. I hope you like e-mail address . Your not 62 yrs. old , your 62yrs still so young !!!

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