I’m always trying to find out more and more information about rare Scorpions songs. One of my tricks is to look in the ASCAP and BMI databases for songs written by Klaus, Rudolf, and Matthias. I’ve discovered some super rare songs that no one has ever heard of before now.

Also, ASCAP gives Rudolf with writing credit on the following three UFO tracks: Bella Donna, Crystal Light, and High Flyer. I’m not sure if that is a mistake or not. I couldn’t find any confirmation of this elsewhere. One person mentioned that Crystal Light was ripped off from Fly To The Rainbow.

Here are some songs Klaus has written with Peter Wolf among others:

As for rare Scorpions songs, I have found these songs:

I feel like most of these are left over songs from album writing sessions. Dragonfly seems like a song maybe used on a TV show as background music. I bet Freejack was written for the movie Freejack, but it wasn’t used for some reason and Hit Between The Eyes was used instead. I’ve heard a bootleg of Rock My Car from Sweden from the 1980s, but other than that I know nothing about it. I also know that Pretty at Nite is a demo from LAFS. Enjoy!