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New Interview with Klaus Meine

From Metal Rules:

Q-What kind of touring plans Scorpions have for this album?

KM-Since the album was released first in Europe we wanted to start here so America comes later this year or next year depending on the tour. But it was released here first and we wanted to start here in the summer and then go to South America and then to Canada and then I think there might be a couple shows in the US. Probably then we would do Asia next year. There might be some Asian dates in November but I’m not sure?

So there is still hope of a full USA Tour for Humanity!!!!

Humanity – Hour 1 in Russia Charts

Humanity – Hour 1 is #5 in Russia music charts this week.

Highest Chart placing for Humanity-Hour 1
Greece: #1
Russia: #5
Argentina: #8
Germany: #9
France: #16
Switzerland: #27
Finland: #29
Sweden: #36
Austria: #41
Italy: #44
Czech Republic: #47
Spain: #59
Netherlands: #91

Calgary and Vancouver Shows in September are Near Sellout

Ticketmaster is showing that they only have single tickets left for the September 10 show in Calgary, and only back of the upper deck seating in Vancouver for September 12. So if you are going and do not have tickets . Get them ASAP!!!!

Humanity World Tour Asia Info

The Scorpions Humanity World Tour in Asia will take place in October / November 2007. Areas include Korea, India, Thailand, Singapore, Kuala Lumpar, and Jakarta.

Another Scorpions French tour date in November

a 3rd French date added in November
November 28- Bordeaux, France (Patinoire Meriadeck)

Another new Scorpions South American Date

August 11 – Recife, Brazil (Chevrolet Hall)

Everyone have a great 4th of July week!!!!!

Humanity Hour 1 review on and other sites has a great review of the new CD on their web site.

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Scorpions "Humanity Hour 1" is number #1 in Greece

New Scorpions South American Date

August 14 – Sao Paulo, Brazil ( Credicard Hall)

Humanity-Hour 1 1st week chart position

Argentina #9

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