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Venues Announced For Two Canadian Dates in August

25 – Shawinigan, QC ( To Be Announced)
28 – Ottawa, ON – Scotiabank Place
30 – Montreal, QC – Bell Center
September 1 – Chicoutimi, QC ( To Be Announced)

Limited Edition detailed

As reported on Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, the LE will contain:

the following material on the DVD: Behind The Scenes (Video), ‘Humanity’, ‘We Were Born To Fly’, ‘Cold’, Photo Gallery, Ralf Strathmann – Photo, Liam Carl – Photo, Liam Carl – Photo, Liam Carl – Photo, Liam Carl – Photo, ‘Humanity’ (Radio Edit – Excl Orchestra).

Preorder Humanity Hour 1

I’m posting the link to Amazon to preorder Humanity Hour 1. Note that this is the European import. As soon as we know the date for the American release, I will list it here. Also, the release date for these two items have moved to May 25th.
Preorder European import
Preorder Limited Edition import

Scorpions CD signing in France

Scorpions will be at the Virgin Megastore in the Champs-Elysees on May 15 in France
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Samples to All Tracks

A German store has posted samples of all of songs from the new album, Humanity Hour 1. Check it out!

New Scorpions Tour Date

August 18- Puebla, Mexico (Siglo XXI)

Bonus Tracks Named

According to the official website, the two bonus tracks on the Limited Edition version of Humanity Hour 1 will be Cold and Humanity (Radio Edit).

New Making of Documentary on Official Website!

There is a new video documentary about the making of the new album, Humanity Hour 1 on the official website. One thing I learned while watching the video was that Eric Bazilian and Martin Frederiksen co-wrote at least 2 of the songs on the new album.

Humanity was written by Klaus Meine, Desmond Child, Eric Bazilian, and Martin Frederiksen. We Were Born To Fly was written by Matthias Jabs, Eric Bazilian, and Martin Frederiksen

Other than Desmond Child who is the producer, I didn’t know they were using outside song writers for this album. Eric also helped write Dreamers. Martin has helped write 10 Light Years Away and Yellow Butterfly. So maybe some of these songs were left over from previous sessions.

New samples!

Here are some new samples posted on the official website for Humanity Hour 1!
Hour 1
The Cross
These are way heavier than the previous ones.

Scorps news

Hi Gil…looking forward to this new website

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