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Scorpions News Going Into 2010 And Beyond!!!

Our Dear friend ELTON MALAJ conducted a Face to Face interview with Matthias Jabs at his MJ store in Munich Germany back on November 21. Here is some information from that interview:

About the upcoming Studio Album:
– it’s 2/3 of the way done. They hope to have it done by Christmas
– It’s like the Blackout and Love at First Sting Style but with a sound of 2009
– The new CD will be released in the first part of March 2010 in 49 countries. I’m not sure if North America will be at the same time. I have an email into Azoff to confirm this information. When i get a response i will post it on this site.
– James and Pawel will record their parts this month before and after the Poland shows planned December 5th and 6th.
– Title of the new CD which was already reported on this site will be “Sting in the Tail”
– There will be 12 songs on this new CD.
– No news on the cover of the CD.

About the upcoming International Press Conference:
– this will take place January 15th in Hannover, Germany
– they will discuss the new studio CD and the Two Year World Tour. Plus a huge announcement that they will not tell anyone before the January 15th press conference.

About the Two Year World Tour:
– Maybe more German Dates 7 confirmed right now, but maybe more later on in the year.
– The Scorpions will play between 280-300 shows in the Next Two years.
– They will play for the first time in their career Australia in 2010 or 2011.
– And yes for all North American fans a 3 month tour of North America is being planned for the Summer of 2010. Starting around the end of June and going through Labor Day Weekend. And yes the East Coast will be stung this summer. Matthias commented that since the World Cup is this summer then this would be the best time to do a full tour of North America. They are aware that Soccer is not that popular in our country.
– No information on any touring packages for the North American tour. That is being lined up as we speak. When we hear something it will be posted on this site.

I would like to thank Matthias for keeping the fans updated on all news concerning the Scorpions. He has been great to us at scorpsnews and with his recent interview with ELTON all Scorpions fans have alot to look forward to in 2010.

“2010 is shaping up to be the year of the Sting”

Happy Holidays to everyone around the World!!!!!!!

Scorpions date in Czech Republic in 2010

March, 15th – Prague – Czech Republic – venue – TBA

Scorpions New Studio CD Title Revealed

The New Studio CD will be called – “Sting in the Tail” to be released March 2010.

“Get your Sting and Blackout” Scorpions World Tour 2010!
The Scorpions will be launching their spectacular world tour with seven concerts in Germany. The performances in Germany will be followed by concerts in the U.S., South America, Asia, Russia and various countries in Europe.

To top it all off, the Scorpions are planning on releasing a sensational statement this January at a press conference.

Dates in Germany:
May 7, 2010 Leipzig, Arena
May 8, 2010 München, Olympiahalle
May 12, 2010 Frankfurt, Festhalle
May 14, 2010 Stuttgart, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
May 29, 2010 Berlin, O2 World
May 30, 2010 Zwickau, Stadthalle
June 1, 2010 Hannover, TUI Arena
Tickets are available at all noted ticket stands. You may also call the ticket hotline: *49 1805 570099 (14 cents a minute, Mobile phone prices may vary) or visit the website
Tour host Semmel Concerts GmbH

2010 German Tour Announced

“Get Your Sting And Blackout World Tour 2010”
May 7 – 2010 Leipzig- venue- Arena
May 8 – 2010 Munich- venue- Olympiahalle
May 12 – 2010 Frankfurt- venue- Festhalle
May 14 – 2010 Stuttgart- venue- Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
May 29 – 2010 Berlin- venue- O2 World
May 30 – 2010 Zwickau- venue- Stadthalle
June 1 – 2010 Hannover- venue- TUI Arena

Berlin Show German link –

Vintage Guitar Show at MJ Guitars This Saturday

Vintage Guitar Show at MJ Guitars, Pariser Str. 32, Munich, Saturday November 21. Many collectors and popular musicians are invited. Matthias Jabs is going to be in the store all day.


Scorpions 2010-2012 World Tour Plans

News from a German internet source:

Ticketalarm by for the Scorpions new World Tour starting 2010 in Germany. In 2010 the career of the international famous German Rock band will have a new milestone. “Two Year World Tour” the Scorpions will play the whole world. They will play the biggest indoor halls and arenas.

Klaus.: ‘2010 will be an especially great year for the Scorpions’

Rudy: We want to throw a party for all our fans’!

Matthias: We are happy to play again once more around the world for two years.

In January 2010 the band will give an international press conference to announce all news concerning the upcoming World Tour. After the Shows in Germany they will play the USA, South America, Asia, Russia and other european countries .

Current the Scorpions are in their Hannover studio recording their new Studio CD to be released March 2010.


KOTTAK has just posted their new song, “Daddy You Are My Star”, on their MySpace page at:

Athena wrote the lyrics and Jimmy Ratchitt wrote the music to “Daddy You Are My Star” and the song will be released on KOTTAK’s upcoming CD, SCREAM WITH ME, in early 2010.

Athena dedicated this song to her father, David, who was a Korean War Veteran who served the United States of America proudly for 20+ years.

KOTTAK posted “Daddy You Are My Star” early as a special ‘Thank You’ to all of the U.S. Veterans and their families.

Remember… Thank A Vet!



KOTTAK will be live in the studio on XRadio’s, “The Rock Show”, this Friday, November 6th, at 2:30 PM PST.

To listen to the show, go to and click on the “Listen” link.

Fans can call in during the show and talk directly to the band! The call-in number is: (702) 685-1569.

Currently out on a highly successful tour of the Southwest United States, the members of KOTTAK — Jimmy Ratchitt (Vocals/Guitar), Athena (Drums), Price Vernon (Bass) and Johnny Lucas (Guitar) — are looking forward to their appearance on XRadio to talk with their fans in Las Vegas and around the world!

Catch KOTTAK live at one of their remaining Southwest U.S. Tour dates:

4 – The Blooze Bar – Phoenix, AZ
5 – The Jackass Bar – Prescott Valley, AZ
6 – Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV
7 – Rockfest 2009 – Lake Elsinore, CA

KOTTAK Las Vegas Pre-Show Party with Keri Kelli at Aces & Ales!!

Official KOTTAK Pre-Show Party
Friday, November 6, 2009 – 6:00PM-8:00PM

Aces & Ales
3740 S. Nellis Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89121-3112
(702) 436-7600

Las Vegas area fans are invited to join KOTTAK for their pre-show party at the world famous Aces & Ales! Co-owned by Alice Cooper’s guitarist, Keri Kelli, Aces & Ales is inspired by the classic gastro pubs of London.

Along with great food specials, the Sierra Nevada Brewery will also be offering $4 pints of all Sierra products all day long at Aces & Ales!

After the pre-show party at Aces & Ales, fans are invited to join KOTTAK at the Cheyenne Saloon for some very loud, very sweaty and very in-your-face Rock & Roll!

Cheyenne Saloon
3103 N. Rancho Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89130
(702) 645-4139


Check the KOTTAK MySpace page for updates and additional information:

Scorpions – New DVD:Amazonia – Live In The Jungle

In August 2007, Germany’s most successful music export worldwide, the Scorpions, already ventured deep into the Brazilian jungle for a sold out show – in front of 40,000 enthusiastic fans the band played a concert in Manaus, the metropolis on the Amazon river. A cooperation with Greenpeace was already existent at this point and when the band returned to South America the next year, they happily intensified it. Kaus Meine, lead singer of the Scorpions, recollects, “Due to the unbelievable success we returned to Manaus in 2008, but we also played Rio, Sao Paulo and Recife again. During the show in Belem we accepted Greenpeace’s invitation to participate in a three-hour flight across the rainforest in order to get a picture of the proceeding destruction (an area twice the size of Germany has been destroyed by fire so far). We wholeheartedly supported Greenpeace with large banners saying “Stop the deforestation” during these shows and part of the proceeds from this DVD will consequently be given to this organisation that is commited in so many parts of the world.”
For many years, Greenpeace has been fighting against the rapid deforestation of the amazon rainforest and for the preservation of the habitat of numerous animal and plant species and also of more than 180 native peoples counting more than 200,000 people altogether. Scientists assume that the rainforest will be gone by 2050 – given a constant “deforestation speed”. The consequences would be disastrous: People would lose their homes, animals and plants would become extinct and the impact on the world climate would be bomb-like. The Scorpions have now also commited themselves to protecting this unique ecosystem. The rock icons’ DVD “Amazonia – Live In The Jungle” does not only include the complete show played in Recife on 7 September 2008 and a “Special Feature – supported by Greenpeace” consisting of five live videos from their legendary concert in Manaus in 2007, but also a Greenpeace documentation of the Scorpions’ legendary flight across the amazon rainforest. Royalties of DVDs sold in Brazil and Mexico predominately go to Greenpeace Brazil’s projects to protect the ancient forest.
Musically, the DVD is a highlight as well. Meine says, “During the 2008 tour we had the pleasure to perform with Brazilian guest musicians. It was a wonderful experience and demonstrated very well how music builds bridges and brings people from different cultures together.” In a closing statement, the musician addresses his South American fans and says, “We want to thank our Brazilian fans for the support and the incredible enthusiasm. To quote James: ‘3 words: You kick ass.’ Brazil rocks!!!” And so do the Scorpions.
The DVD “Amazonia – Live In The Jungle” will be released on 20 November 2009 in Europe. The North America release date will be later this year.

Main Program: Live in Recife
Track Listings
Hour I
Coming Home
Bad Boys Running Wild
No Pain No Gain
Always Somewhere
Dust In The Wind
Wind Of Change
Big City Nights
Still Loving You
Rock You Like A Hurricane

Bonus Program: Live In Manaus
Hour I
Love ’em Or Leave ’em
Make It Real
Tease Me, Please Me
Amazonia – Greenpeace Documentary

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