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Scorpions live at the Bulgaria Rockfest July 2 – Coming Home and Loving You Sunday Morning – The Zoo and Coast To Coast – Holiday – Blackout and Big City Nights – Kottak Attack

pictures from the 2009 Bulgaria Rock fest ( thank you YNWA) more photos coming.. – rockxpress

Set List:
1.Coming Home
2.Loving You Sunday Morning
3.Is There Anybody There
4.Make It Real
5.The Zoo
6.Coast to Coast
7.Send Me An Angel
10.Tease Me Please Me
11.Bad Boys Running Wild
12.Kottak Attack
14.Big CityNights
15.Still Loving You
16.Wind Of Change
17.Rock You Like A Hurricane

Closing night video of the Monster of Rock in Russia

Scorpions performing Rock You Like a Hurricane with Alice Cooper and the Rasmus members

Alice Cooper performing “I love the Dead” and “School’s Out” with the Scorpions and the Rasmus members

SCOTT RUFFALO 1962 – 2009 – RIP

From Matthias to Cristy..

Hi C,
MJ dead!
MJ alive! as much as I feel sorry for Michael Jackson dying for obscure reasons way to early, I am really a lot more touched about the sudden death of my real friend Scott Ruffalo from Chicago. Tim and Scott have been the closest people to the Scorpions, intelligent, honest guys, who became our best friends for a very good reason. I have been the best man at the wedding of Tim and Marissa Ruffalo at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Chicago last year. Me and my wife and the whole band attended the ceremony.
Scotts speech is still ringing in my ears.
I am speechless now.
yours MJ

I had talked to Tim by email a few times in the past couple weeks about Scorpsnews. What a great guy!!!! I never had the pleasure to meet him or Scott in person but i look back over past photos from Scorpions concerts and remembered Tim and Scott’s photos dressed like Beavis and Butthead and could not stop laughing. For what i have heard from people close to Scott he was and will always be a huge part of the Scorpions family and one of the classiest guys in the world.

Tim, we will meet up in person on the 2010 Scorpions Tour. You can count on that my friend.

Tim and Marissa you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers…

If you want to leave Tim and his family a message concerning Scott..please post on this link:

Out of respect to Scott and his family there will be no news on the Scorpions all week. We will pay our respects to Scott!!!! I’m forwarding everyones emails directly to Tim so he and his family can read all the wonderful things you have to say about Scott…

Videos/Photos from June 24 Vladivostok show

June 24,2009 – Vladivostok, Russia – Avangard Stadium

Monsters of Rock Russia – Featuring:
Scorpions, Alice Cooper, The Rasmus and Kingdom Come

New backstage photos from the Monsters of Rock in Russia


According to, tonight’s (June 20) Monsters Of Rock concert in Novosibirsk, Russia was canceled after the stage collapsed a few hours before the show was supposed to start.The concert in Novosibirsk was to feature such international rock acts as SCORPIONS, ALICE COOPER, THE RASMUS and KINGDOM COME.”The bulky musical and lighting equipment that all the participants have brought along must have been too heavy, and the metallic support beams just gave way,” workers who discovered the collapsed stage early morning June 20 told Interfax. No injuries were reported, but some music gear already installed on the stage was substantially damaged. 12,000 tickets — priced between one and eight thousand rubles ($32.00 and $256.00) each — were sold for the event.The damage resulting from the stage collapse has been estimated by the Monsters Of Rock festival organizers to be as high as 20 million rubles (more than $645,000).The next show on the Monsters Of Rock tour is scheduled to take place in another Siberian city, Krasnoyarsk. From there the festival participants are expected to proceed to Murmansk, in the extreme northwest part of Russia, then Volgograd on the Volga river, and wrap up the tour with a concert in Moscow on June 28, at the Olimpiysky sports complex.

New Audio Interview with James Kottak

Set List from Opening Night of the Russian Festival Tour

Coming Home
Loving You Sunday Morning
Is There Anybody There
The Zoo
Coast To Coast
Send Me An Angel
Rhythm Of Love
Tease Me Please Me
Bad Boys Running Wild
Big City Nights
Still Loving You
Wind Of Change
Rock You Like A Hurricane


A interview with Francis Buchholz conducted Sept 2008

In this interview Francis gives details on why he and the Scorpions decided to split…


Francis wants to thank everybody for having voted already. Every vote is being counted.

Around June 30th, 2009, you will find an overview on Francis and this site about how many votes have come in already and what the percentages are.

As you must know, this vote is your personal opinion, there is no guarantee, that a reunion tour will take place.

But your votes will be forwarded to the Scorpions’ management to help them make up their minds.

This message is from Scott Johnson:

Please vote more then once…it’s our right to let management and the Scorpions know how we feel..Let’s shock the world and bring back the greatest rock lineup of all time..LONG LIVE..KLAUS,RUDY,MATTHIAS,FRANCIS AND HERMAN

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