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SCORPIONS Reunite At Hannover Studio To Resume Work On New Album

July 27th, 2020 by

The five members of SCORPIONS have reunited at Peppermint Park Studios in Hannover, Germany to resume work on their upcoming studio album. Tentatively due in 2021, the disc will mark the German hard rock legends’ first release since 2017’s “Born To Touch Your Feelings – Best Of Rock Ballads”, which was an anthology of SCORPIONS‘ new and classic material.

SCORPIONS originally intended to record the new album in Los Angeles with producer Greg Fidelman, whose previous credits include SLIPKNOT and METALLICA. However, because of the pandemic, most of the work so far had been done remotely, with Fidelman taking part via Zoom.

Earlier today, SCORPIONS posted a short video message from Peppermint Park, letting their fans know that they have finally been able to come together as a band and work on the new LP in a more traditional way.

In the clip, which can be seen below, frontman Klaus Meine said: “Hi everybody out there. We are the SCORPIONS. Believe it or not, after all these months, we are all together here in Hannover. We’re joined in the studio, at Peppermint Park. And we’re very excited to be all back together in one room and to keep going with this new record. It feels great that the band finally rejoined forces.

“We just want to let you know it’s all good in the SCORPIONS camp, and we’re excited to make a new album. And, of course, hopefully we see all of you next year on the road, wherever it is.

“Take care of yourselves, stay well and safe, and we love you.”

Meine recently told Talking Metal that the goal with using Fidelman to produce the new LP is to bring “the old vibe from albums like ‘Blackout’, ‘Love At First Sting’ or even‘Lovedrive’. We try to focus on those albums and this attitude,” he said. “If we get there, who knows — it’s so many years later. But it’s the spirit and it’s the whole vibe around this album. This time, the focus is on the harder songs.”

According to Meine, SCORPIONS‘ new LP will feature “no outside writers at all,” unlike 2015’s“Return To Forever”, which was largely co-written by the album’s producers, Mikael Nord Andersson and Martin Hansen.

Mikkey Dee Addresses Covid-19 Health Issue

July 6th, 2020 by


Hello guys!

I just want to set some rumors straight regarding Don Dokkens statement about my Corona situation. I did get Corona and was sick for about 1 month. I am now fully recovered since mid April. I was already playing hockey and drums by the end of April. Unfortunately my good friend Don got some info wrong. I did not get Corona in Australia, the virus was contracted in Sweden. I did not loose 35 pounds, I lost 15 pounds. But as I just mentioned, I am now fully recovered and have registred antibodies so that feels great. I can’t wait for things to go back to normal so we can hit the road again. Thank you guys for caring and my heart goes out to each and everyone affected by the current situation our world is in.

Stay safe! Mikkey

Scorpions Have ‘So Much Great Material’ For Next Studio Album, Says Klaus Meine

June 26th, 2020 by

Scorpions Postpone Show Due to Klaus Meine's Kidney Stones

https://www.955klos.com/2020/06/24/klaus-meine-checks-in-with-marci-wiser/ (95.5 Klos Audio interview)


SCORPIONS frontman Klaus Meine spoke to Marci Wiser of the 95.5 KLOS radio station about the band’s upcoming studio album. Tentatively due in 2021, the disc will mark the German hard rock legends’ first release since 2017’s “Born To Touch Your Feelings – Best Of Rock Ballads”, which was an anthology of SCORPIONS‘ new and classic material.

“We have so much great material, and, of course, many, many hard and heavy rockers,”Klaus said (hear audio below). “A couple of ballads as well. We’re so excited. I tell you it’s a blessing in troubled times, like we all go through right now, that we have a chance to be at home and to go into the studio to work on new material and to go and lose yourself in the creative world. It’s great.”

Speaking about SCORPIONS‘ post-pandemic touring plans, Meine said: “When we made this decision [to make a new studio album] last year, we all were excited about it. But that means also, when this record comes out, with all those new songs, and no more songs from way back, from the vault — it’s all new written material — and we’re excited to put it out. And then, of course, we wanna go out on the road again. Not only will we play the postponed Las Vegas [residency] shows next year, but we also wanna put on a full tour in the U.S. — we wanna present a new show, a whole new setup with hopefully a lot of new songs, new song material. We’re really excited about it.

“[As for] what the future brings, you never know,” he continued. “Right now, we’re all in this terrible lockdown, and every other day, you watch the news, and it feels like, here in Germany, the place where we are, in Lower Saxony, our state, it feels like it’s pretty much under control and it’s okay. It’s not great yet. But every other day, you hear news when the virus pops out in some places, some meat factories and stuff, and it’s scary. And absolutely we have no idea where this whole thing will go. And nobody knows around the world. The good thing is, in a crazy way, we’re all united, because we’re all facing the same problem together through these difficult times. And it’s a good way to think about it, that we all live on the same planet, and we’d better work together and we really have to stick close together to get through this terrible time. And hopefully there will be better days around the corner.”

SCORPIONS‘ new album will be produced by Greg Fidelman, who began his career as the guitarist and songwriter for RHINO BUCKET before launching his career as a producer, engineer and mixer, finding an early mentor in Rick Rubin.

How The Scorpions Conquered The World One Sting At A Time

June 23rd, 2020 by

The Scorpions

Interviews on the Scorpions




The Scorpions

June 20th marks the 35th anniversary of World Wide Live

June 19th, 2020 by

Scorpions: World Wide Live - 50th Anniversary Deluxe Editions ...

Scorpions – World Wide Live Costa Mesa 1984 (2CD) Zodiac 037 ...


World Wide Live is a live album by German rock band Scorpions released in 1985. The original audio recording was produced by Dieter Dierks. A VHS was released at the same time with footage of Scorpions’ world tour.

The live album was originally released as a 2LP vinyl set, in a gatefold-sleeve, and a cassette. The liner notes contain a crew member list, tour date information and when the shows were recorded:

  • Bercy, Paris, France (1984-02-29)
  • The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA (1984-04-24 & 1984-04-25)
  • Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, USA (1984-04-26)
  • Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USA (1984-04-28)
  • Sporthalle, Cologne, West Germany (1984-11-17)

Side one

  1. “Countdown” (Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs) – 0:41
  2. “Coming Home” (Rudolf Schenker, Meine) – 3:17 (Love at First Sting)
  3. “Blackout” (Schenker, Meine, Herman Rarebell, Sonja Kittelsen) – 4:11 (Blackout)
  4. “Bad Boys Running Wild” (Schenker, Meine, Rarebell) – 3:45 (Love at First Sting)
  5. “Loving You Sunday Morning” (Schenker, Meine, Rarebell) – 4:41 (Lovedrive)
  6. “Make It Real” (Schenker, Rarebell) – 3:51 (Animal Magnetism)

Side two

  1. Big City Nights” (Schenker, Meine) – 4:49 (Love at First Sting)
  2. “Coast to Coast” (Schenker) – 4:40 (Lovedrive)
  3. “Holiday” (Schenker, Meine) – 3:12 (Lovedrive)
  4. Still Loving You” (Schenker, Meine) – 5:44 (Love at First Sting)

Side three

  1. Rock You Like a Hurricane” (Schenker, Meine, Rarebell) – 4:04 (Love at First Sting)
  2. “Can’t Live Without You” (Schenker, Meine) – 5:28 (Blackout)
  3. “Another Piece of Meat” (Schenker, Rarebell) – 5:36 (Lovedrive)
  4. “Dynamite” (Schenker, Meine, Rarebell) – 7:05 (Blackout)

Side four

  1. The Zoo” (Schenker, Meine) – 5:46 (Animal Magnetism)
  2. No One Like You” (Schenker, Meine) – 4:07 (Blackout)
  3. “Can’t Get Enough”, Pt. 1 (Schenker, Meine) – 1:59 (Lovedrive)
  4. “Six String Sting” (Jabs) – 5:18
  5. “Can’t Get Enough”, Pt. 2 (Schenker, Meine) – 1:52 (Lovedrive)

VHS/DVD Version

  1. “Coming Home”
  2. “Blackout”
  3. “Big City Nights”
  4. “Loving You Sunday Morning”
  5. No One Like You
  6. “Holiday”
  7. “Bad Boys Running Wild”
  8. Still Loving You
  9. Rock You Like a Hurricane
  10. “Dynamite”
  11. “I‘m Leaving You” (Studio version which plays over credits)

Live Videos from World Wide Live

1- Blackout- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqxQbdfVjVM

2- Big City Nights- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmE_l_dN9UM

3- No One Like You- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEKdnNwwDmo

4- Dynamite- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdDLWXcSYyM


Klaus Meine 72nd Birthday (May 25)

May 25th, 2020 by

Scorpions Postpone Show Due to Klaus Meine's Kidney Stones

SCORPIONS: ‘Sin City Nights’ Las Vegas Residency Is Officially Postponed

May 20th, 2020 by

SCORPIONS“Sin City Nights” Las Vegas residency, which was scheduled to kick off on July 4 at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, has officially been postponed. The new dates will be announced soon.

Earlier today (Wednesday, May 20), SCORPIONS released the following message via social media:

“Dear fans…Our Las Vegas Residency in July at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is postponed, the new dates will be announced soon. We want our fans and everybody involved in the shows to be safe during these uncertain times. Please take good care of yourselves, stay healthy and well, and we see you again when times are better for all of us.

Lots of Love ….. Scorpions

“Sin City Nights” was slated to include nine performances during July 2020: 4, 8, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25.

SCORPIONS Are Trying To Recapture Vibe Of ‘Lovedrive’, ‘Animal Magnetism’ And ‘Blackout’ On Upcoming Album

May 15th, 2020 by


SCORPIONS. New album, tour and Las Vegas Residency in 2020

SCORPIONS frontman Klaus Meine spoke to SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation” about the band’s upcoming studio album. Tentatively due in 2021, the disc will mark the German hard rock legends’ first release since 2017’s “Born To Touch Your Feelings – Best Of Rock Ballads”, which was an anthology of SCORPIONS‘ new and classic material.

Speaking about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the making of the newSCORPIONS LP, Meine said: “This situation gives us a little extra time. We had planned to release this new album later this year, but, unfortunately, it will be delayed until early 2021. And so it gives us some extra time. Also, to get prepared, when we pick up the tour again, there will be new songs in the setlist, there will be a whole new production, and I guess we will do a couple of videos, maybe, for some songs that will be released. And so there’s plenty of extra time. And it feels good that we can use this time and really make the best out of this situation right now instead of sitting at home and watching the grass grow. We came in here well prepared, because lots and lots of material we wrote already last year, and they’re still in the making and songwriting process — everybody comes up with bits and pieces. It’s really nice every day to come here and to see how all those elements come together and the feeling that we have hopefully a great rock album on the way is growing every day. And that’s really a good feeling.”

Meine went on to say that he is looking forward to working with producer Greg Fidelman, who began his career as the guitarist and songwriter for RHINO BUCKET before launching his career as a producer, engineer and mixer, finding an early mentor in Rick Rubin.

“The vibe and the feel we [are trying] to go back to [is] the days between ‘Lovedrive’[1979], ‘Animal Magnetism’ [1980] and ‘Blackout’ [1982],” he said about the new material’s musical direction. “I mean, it’s impossible to turn back time and start all over again — it’s such a long time ago. But we try to, especially with our producer, with Greg Fidelman, we try to go back to that spirit and make a hard-rocking album.

Rudolf Schenker, the riff master, he came up with lots and lots of really great tunes, and I wrote more lyrics than probably ever before,” he continued. “So we went back to the same old spirit, like back in those days, and we try to make an album that goes in that direction. I’m not saying it will be like ‘Blackout’ or ‘Animal Magnetism’ — that’s impossible, I think — but it will be different from what we’ve done in the last 10 years. It’s a totally different approach. And hopefully this works out. Right now, what I hear every day, it feels great and it’s a lot of fun and I can’t wait until we can share it with the fans.”

Meine also talked about the new SCORPIONS song “Sign Of Hope”, which was surprise-released late last month. Asked how the track came about, he said: “When we came back from [touring] Asia — in Asia, the situation was pretty tense already, in places like Singapore or Yogyakarta, when we were on the road together with our friends from WHITESNAKE. There were temperature checks on airports, in hotels and shopping malls, so it felt already pretty serious, the whole coronavirus thing. But then when we came home, around the 6th or 7th of March, back here in Germany, it felt kind of still okay. But then, a week later, the whole world situation became more and more tense. And it was great to see so many artists, so many songwriters, picking up the guitar, writing new songs, just trying to reflect the situation we all go through right now, and that’s what I did. I think I wrote the song a couple of days after I came home, and it was just reflecting the whole situation. It had not so much to do, really, with the production of the [new SCORPIONS] album, because we said to the fans, when we started this project, especially when you work with a producer like Greg Fidelman, who is really well known for his amazing work with bands like METALLICA orSLIPKNOT. So we’re focused on the hard edge this time, and we wanna keep it going like this. But this song, it was just reflecting the situation. It was something that was straight from the heart in troubled times. I thought this situation, so many artists around the world come up with special little songs or shows and staying-at-home concept, this kind of home concept, and from the SCORPIONS, I wanted to give the world something we can share together — sending out a sign of hope from the SCORPIONS.”

Scorpions in their Hanover, Germany Studio

May 9th, 2020 by

Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage and people playing musical instruments

Klaus Meine ” We’re not getting away from here (Hanover) and we don’t want to postpone planned production (New Album). That’s why we connect every day with our producer Greg Fidelman in Los Angeles via video zoom. The nature of this collaboration works incredibly well “.
Although all band members received negative for Corona, musicians wear protective masks in the studio. Mine of course I sing in a recording booth. But due to the embedded discs, the suspended particles from your breath cannot sing throughout the studio.
” You shouldn’t miss enough distance between us in the studio, although that, of course, is unusual for us. But there’s also something good about working in Hanover. We feel like we’re in our early days when we recorded our first albums here. Makes us feel good “.


Scorpions Virtual Production with Greg Fidelman in L.A.

May 5th, 2020 by

Since we can’t be in the US recording a new Album, we‘re on a virtual production with our producer Greg Fidelman in L.A. … Rocks Big Time !!! Scorpions

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and indoor

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