Here is a new interview in Portuguese about the new Scorpions CD, Humanity Hour 1.
Some highlights in English:

Desmond Child arranged personal trainers for the band doing physical exercises during the recordings – Desmond Child arranged a professor for Klaus Meine to have singing lessons – A famous Holywood Director that was at the time in the Studio said that Klaus doesn’t need singing lessons, but Klaus already said during the interview that it was really important for him after all this years to have such a great experience himself and still learn from it (something like this), because he never had singing lessons – Billy Corgan played “Ping-Pong” with the band during the recording sessions, because Smashing Pumpkins already were recording at the same studio but in other room. They were always with Smashing Pumpkins at the studio, so because of this, the band decided to invite Billy Corgan to sing with Klaus – The Scorpions wants to came back to PORTUGAL, because they’ll never forget the ACOUSTICA CD/DVD made in PORTUGAL, LISBON lands and the success they achieved with that album.

(thank you) ( Gonçalo aka dnote LISBON, PORTUGAL )