Hi everyone..i know i told you i would have updates for all of you in the next couple weeks. Well i was hit with a bombshell yesterday from The Scorpions American Management. It looks like Peter Amend and Wolfgang(Webmaster) only wants Azoff Management to deal with them and not with us in the future. Here is the message i got from Azoff Management:

Hi Scott,
I have just now returned to the office and have been out of communication with everyone. However, we should discuss information flow and how to insure that it in fact flows properly to all parties. To address this, we really need to be working through one source with that source making sure all affiliated parties are supplied appropriate information as well. It only makes sense that this should be Wolfgang as he does run the official Scorpion’s site. So please make sure to contact Wolfgang for your Scorpions’ news. I do hope you understand and know that everyone here, Wolfgang, Peter and most importantly the band… all appreciate your hard work. We are grateful to have you on board.

Desiree B. Frontline Management Group Azoffmusic Management

So going forward we do not want another crazyscorps situation on our hands. So we still encourage everyone to keep sending emails with any news or tourdates for The Scorpions. We as a group have one goal and that is to make the Scorpions the biggest band on the planet. It doesn’t matter if you belong to the official site,Crazyscorps,Greek Sting Site or our scorpsnews.com site. We are all one Team and we are here to support The Scorpions. So our site is moving forward and we will be contacting radio stations and any other outlets that will play and promote new music from The Scorpions. We will do whatever Azoff Management and Peter Amend wants us to do to help with promotion. Just remember 2007 THE YEAR OF THE SCORPIONS!!!