Hi Scott,

We are working on 12 songs at the moment. Great stuff. Definetely “scorpionized” in sound and attitude. More towards the early 80ties.

The new CD will be Released in March 2010!

Working with Matthias are the producer Mikael Nord Anderson, (bottom right),Ingo Powitzer (Scorpions guitar technician top right)and Peter Kirkman (Scorpions guitar technician top left)

I don`t know about the US release yet. Azoff- management is currently working on the deal.
Simultaneous release is up to the record companies. The weak dollar has been a reason to delay the US release in order to avoid bad imports in the “rest” of the world, for all non-american bands in recent years.

MJGuitars opens October 31. – http://www.matthiasjabs.de/

You may post this incredible valuable information…

take care,
yours Matthias