Icon vs. Icon: What can we expect from RATT in regards to your tour plans?

Blotzer: We’re touring, we’ve got a bunch of shows going all through April and a bunch in May that are kind of fly-out stuff. Then, June 8th we leave for Europe for six weeks. Playin all these huge festivals all over the place over there. We’ll come back here and there’s a big tour coming out. Actually I’m sitting here talking to you and I’m hearing “Click, click”, it’s e-mails coming in and I’m waiting for news of the announcement of this tour that we’re going to be doing starting in July and into August. It’s going to be a big tour. And I just got this announcement! I can let you in on, the SCORPIONS are who we’re going to be touring with this year.

Icon vs. Icon: Is that going to be a U.S. tour?

Blotzer: Yes, a U.S. tour later with the SCORPIONS. But anyhow, once we go through summer here and Europe and then back here we’re going to go through South America, Australia, Japan and Canada.