Scorpions homecoming show in Hannover, Germany June 1, 2010
12,000 Fans celebrate the greatest ambassadors our city, to rock with the title song from their eponymous album. The last home game of the Scorps. After more than 40 years, the giants of rock farewell tour are: whole two and a half years around the world. More than 200 concerts in nearly 40 countries, millions of viewers. Motto: “Get Your Sting And Blackout”.

Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs on the gas as if they had just started. Precise as a Swiss watch sit riffs. Light as a feather flies Schenker with his guitar on stage. It sits in my Klaus incomparable voice. Scorpions sound. Yeah. Rock instead of talking.

Brief Introduction: “This is the famous home game! Nice to be back firing. “Then the hits. “Bad Boys Running Wild”.

Great! “Send Me an Angel” and “Holiday” as an acoustic set. Klaus Meine very close to the audience, holding the mike in the fan crowd! Break – “Raised on Rock” and “The Good Die Young”. Time and again, film clips on the screens, fireworks, flames, Mega-Light Show. Klaus Meine throwing drumsticks into the fan masses. The hall seething.

The absolute hammer is the flying Drumriser. James Kottak takes off with his drum solos. Suddenly jumps out the band – “Blackout”. Rudolf Schenker rocks with his head bandaged, as on the record cover.

“Big City Nights” to the furious finale. Encore! “Still Loving You,” “Wind of Change” – pure goose bumps!

Finally, the absolute fireworks Cracker: “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, the hall trembles under the anthem of the Scorpions. The band bows. Cheering frenzy, the sting is deep in Hannover.