Message from the Scorpions to their fans:
Dear Fans,
The incredible success of our farewell tour is the high octane fuel driving the upcoming “Final Sting Tour” 2012, which takes us around the globe (Europe / USA / Canada / Latin America / Asia). Thanks for all the emotional moments.
We’re currently surfing on a wave of euphoria triggered by your enthusiasm at every concert, wherever we play.Our label, Sony Music, supports this tour with different projects and so there is not only “Scorpions Live in 3D” which appeared at Media Markt, but also “Comeblack” a new CD with some of our Classics with the sound of the 21st century and songs from legendary bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones that have inspired us.

Rock on… Your Scorpions

Comeblack tracklist: Covers and re-recorded classics
1. Rhythm of Love
2. No One like You
3. The Zoo
4. Rock You like a Hurricane
5. Blackout
6. Wind of Change
7. Still Loving You
8. Tainted Love
9. Children of the Revolution
10. Across the Universe
11. Tin Soldier
12. All Day and All of the Night
13. Ruby Tuesday

Comeblack promo video: