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MJ guitars will reopen October 31

Dear Matthias Jabs fans ,

You are all welcome to the re-opening of MJGuitars in Munich, Pariserstr.32, Germany on Saturday October 31 from 11am until 4 pm.

New Interview with James Kottak

KNAC.COM: You have quite the long resume of playing drums with various bands. You’ve been with the Scorpions how long now?
KOTTAK: I’ve been with the Scorpions for 13 years. That’s a long time for any band. I have to say, I’m very fortunate. Those guys are first class all the way. It’s an incredible organization to be involved with. It’s kind of like a law firm. It’s like I’m a junior partner and things get better every year.
KNAC.COM: Secure that partnership!
KOTTAK: Junior partnership. It’s kind of like the Rolling Stones; you’ll never really be part of the club. I’ll always be the new guy. No, no, not the new guy, now the bass player is the new guy. I’m just very thankful and grateful to be with such a great group of guys.
KNAC.COM: How did you get that gig?
KOTTAK: The phone rang one day, and there was a manager saying, ‘Hello James, would you be interested in coming to play with the Scorpions?’ It was really that simple. Actually, back on the Monsters of Rock tour, I was with the band Kingdom Come and I got to know the guys [from the Scorpions] back then. That was Van Halen, Scorpions, Dokken, Metallica and Kingdom Come. And then I also played with Michael Schenker in MSG, I did the last MSG record, and I got to know Michael. And you know, rock & roll is such a small world and seriously, literally the phone rang one day and it was the call asking me if I wanted to come play.
KNAC.COM: So, did you tell them you’d get back to them, after you think about it for a while?
KOTTAK: Actually, I did think about it for a few days and I called back and said, ‘Sure, I’ll come check it out.’ I was really burned out at that point. Like all things, it had a happy ending.
KNAC.COM: Do you have a favorite band you’ve played with?
KOTTAK: My favorite band is definitely playing with the Scorpions. My second favorite was Wild Horses, the band I had with Rick Steier (Kingdom Come/Warrant).



Matthias – From scorpsnews and North America we would like to wish you a happy and blessed Birthday..

New Tour Dates for Kottak

KOTTAK (formerly KRUNK), the band featuring singer/songwriter/guitarist Jimmy Ratchitt (a.k.a. former KINGDOM COME and current SCORPIONS drummer James Kottak) and his wife Athena (sister of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Tommy Lee) on drums, has scheduled the following dates:
Oct. 30 – The Ruby Room – Phoenix, AZ
Oct. 31 – Copper State Tavern – Glendale, AZ
Nov. 02 – Atomic Cantina – Albuquerque, NM
Nov. 04 – The Blooze Bar – Phoenix, AZ
Nov. 05 – The Jackass Bar – Prescott Valley, AZ
Nov. 06 – Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 07 – Rockfest 2009 – Lake Elsinore, CA

Scorpions live on Showtime network announcement from James Kottak

HELLO ALL GREETINGS FROM GERMANY!The Scorpions have been invited to play for the SUPER SIX WORLD BOXING CLASSIC.IT AIRS LIVE TONITE ON SHOWTIME. 8pm ET/PT (USA).We are performing ‘321’ from the cd Humanity Hour 1 for the main bout as ARTHU…R ABRAHAM makes his 3 minute entrance…..AND, Rudolf Schenker is performing both the USA & German anthems solo!btw…There is an estimated worldwide viewing audience of 8 to 9 MILLION!Check your local SHOWTIME sports listings.

Rudy Schenker performing the USA and German national anthems

Scorpions performing 321

A email message from Matthias Jabs

Hi Scott,

We are working on 12 songs at the moment. Great stuff. Definetely “scorpionized” in sound and attitude. More towards the early 80ties.

The new CD will be Released in March 2010!

Working with Matthias are the producer Mikael Nord Anderson, (bottom right),Ingo Powitzer (Scorpions guitar technician top right)and Peter Kirkman (Scorpions guitar technician top left)

I don`t know about the US release yet. Azoff- management is currently working on the deal.
Simultaneous release is up to the record companies. The weak dollar has been a reason to delay the US release in order to avoid bad imports in the “rest” of the world, for all non-american bands in recent years.

MJGuitars opens October 31. –

You may post this incredible valuable information…

take care,
yours Matthias

Rudy Schenker interviewed in German on TV Total

Scorpions support the Time for Climate Justice Initiative

This is a followup post to the one Scott posted about the Scorpions supporting the Time for Climate Justice program. Klaus Meine has at least a small vocal part at about the 2 minute mark of the song “Beds Are Burning” which was released for free a few days ago. You can download it in mp3 format from the above link.

Set List from Essen, Germany show October 2

A Night To Remember – Live in Essen, October 2 – 2009
01 – Hour 1
02 – Loving You Sunday Morning
03 – Is There Anybody There
04 – Make It Real
05 – The Zoo
06 – Pictured Life (with Uli)
07 – Backstage Queen (with Uli)
08 – We’ll Burn The Sky (with Uli)
09 – Robot Man (with Uli)
10 – Send Me An Angel
11 – Holiday
12 – Coast To Coast (with Michael)
13 – Love Drive (with Michael)
14 – Another Piece Of Meat (with Michael)
15 – Doctor Doctor (with Michael)
16 – Tease Me, Please Me
17 – 321
18 – Kottak Attack
19 – Blackout
20 – Big City Nights
21 – Still Loving You
22 – Wind Of Change
23 – Long Tall Sally (with Uli & Michael)
24 – Rock You Like Hurricane

( thank you BR/Hans33)

Live Videos and photos from last night’s Essen, Germany Show

Opening with Hour 1 –

Rock You Like A Hurricane –

A live documentary of a Night To Remember-

Part 1 – Matthias Jabs and Michael Schenker guitar solo –
Part 2 – Matthias Jabs and Michael Schenker guitar solo –

Send Me An Angel –

Still Loving You –

Photos from the show (thanks Hans) –

( i will have more videos later on)

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